Transforming the Sacred Space of Saint Stephen’s

(Reordering Team Update)

The team is excited about the work that has been done to this point and wants to share this with the wider community. The team thanks Marcus Chantrey, our Church Architect, for his work and the support from Saint Stephen’s Ringers for their financial support in this regard. We want you to be aware that these are only plans in draft because there is much further consultation and process to be done with many different parties/organisations who have a vested interest in Saint Stephen’s building, including our own worshipping community. For this reason, the plans and documents will be available for the month of August on our website and then will be taken down. This is because we know that the plans will still be further shaped and adapted following consultation and developments and we do not want to confuse people as plans change. We will continue to update the community as the project moves forward.

We hope in the future to have more visual images that make the proposed changes easier to connect with but, for now, we have plans and documents relating to the intended vision behind those plans. It is our hope that this project will be owned and invested in by the whole community, as well as the PCC, so that it’s vision is driven by more than the reordering team.

We would really appreciate your prayers for this project and the team as together we discern the way forward. We hope you catch the excitement of how Saint Stephen’s may be transformed in the future to better serve the City of Bristol and beyond.

There will be opportunities in the future to engage with the process as a community and to be able to make comments, etc. However, if you would like to make a comment on the draft documents that have been shared then you can by emailing by the end of August 2018